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  • Foursquare responds to crisis in Venezuela
    Venezuela is in crisis. But the nation’s unrest hasn’t deterred Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) from being part of the solution through the work of local pastors there and in nearby Colombia.In Venezuela, radical inflation, political unrest, food shortages and violence have driven nearly 2 million Venezuelans to seek asylum in other places, making Venezuelans among the largest number of asylum seekers today. Corruption and abuse of government power with no checks and balances have created a nation of people experiencing unprecedented suffering. With prices rising 13,000 percent this year, the number of people facing malnourishment will be exponentially higher. Schools and churches are closing, and thousands of people are fleeing daily. This crisis is no respecter of age or class; no one has been spared. At present, there is no foreseeable end in sight. Foursquare people in Venezuela are no exception. “With the entire country suffering, Foursquare is equally suffering: pastors, members and communities,” says Chad Isenhart, FDR’s international response director. “Our pastors are doing what they can to help, but they are facing the same losses and challenges as those to whom they are ministering.” Foursquare Missions International’s Area Missionary Paul Otremba also has partnered with FDR to get funds to pastors’ work in Colombia to assist refugees at the border. This assistance includes food, clothes and sanctuary, distributed by those ready to serve. Prayer is desperately needed: Pray for the thousands who are fleeing every day seeking asylum. Pray for peace, provision and protection over those who are unable to leave. Pray for access to high security places so aid can reach those in need. Pray for pastors and leaders who are ministering to others in the midst of their own suffering. The Venezuelan crisis is big, but our God is bigger. You can help. When what we have intersects with the world’s greatest needs, God’s purposes and provision can be seen. Your giving meets tangible needs and helps make Him known. Your tax-deductible donation to FDR can be given online at Thank you for your prayers and generosity! La Iglesia Cuadrangular Responde a la Crisis en VenezuelaVenezuela está en crisis. Pero los disturbios de la nación no han disuadido a Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) de ser parte de la solución a través del trabajo de los pastores locales y de la cercana Colombia.En Venezuela, la inflación drástica, los disturbios políticos, la escasez de alimentos y la violencia han llevado a casi 2 millones de venezolanos a buscar asilo en otros lugares, convirtiendo a los venezolanos en el mayor número de solicitantes de asilo en la actualidad. La corrupción y el abuso del poder del gobierno sin controles y equilibrios han creado una nación de personas que experimentan un sufrimiento sin precedentes. Con los precios aumentando 13,000% este año, el número de personas que enfrentan desnutrición será exponencialmente más alto. Las escuelas y las iglesias se están cerrando, y miles de personas están huyendo a diario. Esta crisis no hace distinción de edad o clase; nadie se ha librado. En la actualidad, no hay un final previsible a corto plazo. La gente Cuadrangular en Venezuela no es la excepción. "Con todo el país sufriendo, la Iglesia Cuadrangular sufre también: pastores, miembros y comunidades", dice Chad Isenhart, director de respuesta internacional de FDR. "Nuestros pastores están haciendo lo que pueden para ayudar, pero enfrentan las mismas pérdidas y desafíos que aquellos a quienes ministran". El Misionero de Área de Misiones Cuadrangulares Internacionales Paul Otremba también se ha asociado con FDR para obtener fondos para el trabajo de los pastores en Colombia y así ayudar a los refugiados en la frontera. Esta asistencia incluye comida, ropa y refugio distribuido por aquellos listos para servir. La oración se necesita desesperadamente: Ore por los miles que huyen todos los días buscando asilo. Ore por paz, provisión y protección sobre aquellos que no pueden irse. Ore por el acceso a lugares de alta seguridad para que la ayuda pueda llegar a los necesitados. Ore por los pastores y líderes que están ministrando a otros en medio de su propio sufrimiento. La crisis venezolana es grande, pero nuestro Dios es más grande. Usted puede ayudar. Cuando lo que tenemos se cruza con las necesidades más grandes del mundo, se pueden ver los propósitos y la provisión de Dios. Su ofrenda satisface necesidades tangibles y ayuda a darlo a conocer a Él. Su donación deducible de impuestos a FDR se puede dar en línea en ¡Gracias por sus oraciones y generosidad!
  • More than enough
    In Matthew 14:13-21, upon hearing the news of John the Baptist’s death, Jesus withdrew to a solitary place. However, the crowd followed, along with their needs.This narrative is all too familiar to many of us. As we seek out solitude for ourselves, the needs of the crowd often follow closely behind. Jesus, however, did not become frustrated, but instead had compassion and turned a moment of mourning into healing for others. He then transformed this remote location into a place of abundance as He fed the thousands. Jesus did not require the resources of the nearby village to feed the hungry. He was enough. He transformed loss to life, lack to leftovers and a remote location to one of resources. So today, as we face our own lack, may we be reminded, as Christ reminded the disciples, that even in the most remote places, He creates leftovers. He is more than enough! This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5] Personal Prayer 1.Holy Spirit, help us to lean in to Your resources today as we seek to minister to the needs among us. 2. Lord, we know that You are more than enough and that Your resources are not limited. Expand our faith, that where we may see lack we would begin to see opportunity. 3. Lord, may Your kingdom come and Your will be done in our communities. May we utilize and depend on Your kingdom resources and not our own. Foursquare Focus 4. Lift up our Foursquare leadership—ask the Lord to grant them wisdom and rest as they serve our family. 5. Pray for Foursquare chaplains serving worldwide. Download a list of specific prayer needs here. Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own.
  • My family’s five-generation service with Foursquare
    For five generations, my family has been active in Foursquare ministry. The legacy continues today through the ministry of my grandson Tim Clark, senior pastor of The Church On The Way (Van Nuys Foursquare Church), who serves in the same part of Southern California his great-great-grandfather did in the 1920s.F.C. (Frank) Warren, my paternal grandfather, served alongside Aimee Semple McPherson on her first advisory board. He had been a successful businessman, but a persistent Sister McPherson saw in him the gifts of God to preach and build congregations. Eventually, he accepted the call of God and established new churches throughout Southern California. On my mother’s side, God healed my grandmother after Sister McPherson prayed for her. From a Lutheran background, my grandmother did not have much interest in faith healers or Pentecost. Still, she had a large tumor on her shoulder, and doctors told her they could not do anything to cure it. After some cajoling from friends and family, my grandmother attended a service at Angelus Temple. She loved the preaching and went forward for prayer. Nothing immediately changed, but when she returned home and got ready for bed, she looked at her shoulder in the mirror. The skin was clear and as clean as a baby’s skin. The tumor was miraculously gone, never to return. With God at work on both sides of my family, I must have been destined to be a Foursquare minister, too. I was born in April 1925 in Ventura, Calif., where my grandfather was pastoring a church he had planted. We moved to the Los Angeles area when I was 7, and at age 10, I committed my life to Christ. Two years after that, Sister McPherson baptized me in the baptistry at Angelus Temple.So many memories come to mind after a lifetime of serving Jesus and His church with Foursquare. I am 93 now and remain grateful for the heritage of faith that flows through our family. On Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1939, Sister McPherson led a “Crusader Army” rally of nearly 5,000 young people through the streets of Santa Barbara. I was 14 and would not have missed this rally for the world. It was exciting and inspiring. The mayor and city officials of Santa Barbara said it was the largest crowd to ever gather in the city for any event until that time. Foursquare youth came from the north as far as San Luis Obispo, and others traveled from El Centro, near the Mexico border. In total, about 3,500 of us traveled on specially reserved Southern Pacific trains to join others in the coastal city, where we marched and sang through the streets of Santa Barbara. Other Foursquare churches sent their bands that played as we marched and then formed a mass band of 350 for a concert at a community outdoor bowl. People gathered on surrounding hilltops, praising God and bringing attention to the ministry of Jesus. Of course, Sister McPherson led the entire procession and made sure we were all back at the station on time to board our trains for home. What a historic day it was, and full of wonderful memories. Tim Coffman and I married when I was 17, and I followed him around the U.S. while he served our country as a pilot during WWII. Tim thought he would continue to fly after his tour of duty, but God spoke to him about a different kind of service. Tim heard the Lord say, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36, NKJV).I pray we will always remember the sacrifice and persistence of a woman evangelist named Aimee Semple McPherson who gave her life to make it all possible. We graduated from L.I.F.E. Bible College (now called Life Pacific College) in 1950 and launched out as Foursquare ministers, just like others in my family before us. District supervisors who oversaw churches in Northern California and Pennsylvania offered us our first pastorate. It didn’t take much to figure out where God was calling us—Tim said our car would not make the trip to Pennsylvania, so we headed to Northern California. Most of our 40 years of ministry experience has been right there where God led us after Bible school, first as senior pastors and later working with the Western District and Supervisor Fred Wymore. My husband and I shared many wonderful memories of how God worked in the lives of the people we served. Still, some of my memories are a bit humorous, too. While pastoring our first church in Lindsay, Calif., we had the opportunity to take a little family vacation. While we were gone, some well-meaning volunteers decided to surprise us by sprucing up the church baptistry. It looked just wonderful until our first baptismal service. To everyone’s surprise, all who were baptized came out of the water covered in blue paint. The volunteers had used paint that was water-based. On another occasion, I got a call from a farmer who attended the rural church we pastored. He wanted to bring his offering to our home, in this case a chicken for our dinner that night. With money being tight in post-Depression days, farmers often made offerings of what they had instead of putting cash in the offering plate. I was thrilled to get a whole chicken for my family, but as a city girl, I didn’t expect it to arrive alive in a gunnysack. Fortunately, my husband was raised on a farm and knew what to do so that I could cook it for the family. So many memories come to mind after a lifetime of serving Jesus and His church with Foursquare. I am 93 now and remain grateful for the heritage of faith that flows through our family. I pray we will always remember the sacrifice and persistence of a woman evangelist named Aimee Semple McPherson who gave her life to make it all possible. This article is adapted from an interview conducted in March 2018 with Marvel “Sunny” Coffman. An ordained Foursquare minister, Sunny retired in 1987 and lives in Southern California.
  • Transformed by Jesus
    Acts 1:2-11 tells us that when the time of Jesus’s departure was near, He took the time to finish well and complete His work, making sure His leaders were ready for the task at hand.Perhaps His disciples were just trying to keep up, to understand that He was really alive again. Then, all of a sudden, Jesus was taken to heaven. The disciples must have had so many questions at this time. As they stood and stared up into the heavens, two men in white appeared and said, “Don’t stand there and stare at heaven—Go!” (v.11, paraphrased NKJV). Then, in Acts 2:1-41, Peter stood and spoke boldly to a huge crowd of people on the day of Pentecost. This was the same Peter who failed and denied Christ, now filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Three thousand people were added to the kingdom that day. Talk about being transformed by Jesus! We may not know exactly how, when or what to do, but Jesus fills, transforms and empowers us with the Holy Spirit to do the task at hand and to disciple others. This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5] Personal Prayer 1. Pray for our eyes to be opened to the kingdom of God at work today. 2. Pray for our hearts to be renewed, and that we would remain servant-minded. 3. Pray for the harvest that is ready to be added to the church today. Foursquare Focus  4. Please pray for all NextGen counselors and leaders at Foursquare summer camps as they share the love of Jesus with campers this week. 5. Please pray for all Foursquare missionaries serving around the world. For specific prayer needs, download the monthly prayer guide here. Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own. Transformado por JesusHechos 1:2-11 nos dice que cuando se acercaba la hora de la partida de Jesús, Él tomó el tiempo para terminar bien y completar su obra, asegurándose que sus líderes estuviesen listos para la tarea a la mano.  Alex Montealegre Quizás sus discípulos estaban intentando entender lo que estaba sucediendo, entender que Él estaba vivo de nuevo. Entonces, de repente, Jesús fue llevado al cielo. Los discípulos deben haber tenido muchas preguntas. Mientras se quedaron mirando a los cielos, dos hombres en vestiduras blancas se les aparecieron y dijeron, “No se queden allí  mirando al cielo - ¡Vayan!” (v. 11, paráfrasis RVR). Luego, en Hechos 2:1-41, Pedro se pone en pie  y habla con audacia a una gran multitud el día de Pentecostés. Este fue el mismo Pedro que falló y negó a Cristo, ahora lleno y empoderado por el Espíritu Santo. Tres mil personas fueron añadidas al reino ese día. ¡Eso es ser transformado por Jesús! Quizás no sepamos exactamente cómo, cuándo o qué hacer, pero Jesús nos llena, transforma y empodera con el Espíritu Santo para llevar a cabo la tarea a la mano y discipular a otros. El Enfoque de Oración esta Semana [5 en 5] Oración Personal 1. Ore que nuestros ojos sean abiertos al reino de Dios obrando hoy.  2. Ore que nuestros corazones sean renovados y que nos mantengamos con actitudes de servicio. 3. Ore por la cosecha que está lista para ser añadida a la iglesia hoy.  Enfoque Cuadrangular   4. Por favor ore por todos loslíderes de NextGen en los campamentos Cuadrangulares de verano mientras comparten el amor de Jesús con los campistas esta semana.   5. Por favor ore por todos los misioneros Cuadrangulares sirviendo por todo el mundo; para conocer necesidades específicas de oración descargue la guía mensual de oración aquí.   Comparta sus pensamientos. Vea los comentarios abajo y agregue el suyo.
  • Foursquare responds in aftermath of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano
    Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) is on the ground in Guatemala, following the eruption of Volcán de Fuego, located 25 miles from Guatemala City. Fuego’s volcanic eruption affected an estimated 1.7 million people, leaving over 3,100 people displaced from their homes.In the disaster zone, there are three Foursquare churches. While all church buildings have been reported safe, there is no confirmation yet as to the safety of all Foursquare church members in the area. Meanwhile, Foursquare Disaster Relief, local pastors and churches are actively reaching out to help those in need. Two Foursquare responders have been deployed from nearby El Salvador to Guatemala, reports FDR’s International Response Director Chad Isenhart. With FDR, the responders are working with local Foursquare leaders in the affected region to assess needs, plan and coordinate efforts to help. Distribution of donated clothes, food and supplies are already underway. FDR has also sent immediate resources to the Guatemalan Foursquare Church to assist with local church response. But the specific impact this crisis has had on families from the area is yet to be determined. “We have an opportunity to support and encourage our Foursquare family,” Chad says, “as they work to help those suffering, and come alongside them with support, prayer and encouragement.” Pray for those who are experiencing trauma and loss in the wake of this disaster. Pray for Foursquare’s local and national leaders as they work together to respond and reach out to those in need. Pray for the safety of the response team, and for resources to arrive and be delivered safely. Give now toward “FDR Guatemala Volcano” relief work, and get involved financially. As the Foursquare family, we have an opportunity to help and support our brothers and sisters in Guatemala. Your tax-deductible donation helps FDR obtain needed resources and enables continuous efforts toward serving those impacted by this volcano. Thank you for your prayers and generosity! Donate Now La Cuadrangular responde tras la erupción del Volcán de Fuego en GuatemalaFoursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) está en Guatemala, tras la erupción del Volcán de Fuego, ubicado a 40 kilómetros de la ciudad de Guatemala. La erupción volcánica de Fuego afectó aproximadamente a 1.7 millones de personas, dejando a más de 3,100 personas desplazadas de sus hogares. En la zona del desastre, hay tres iglesias Cuadrangulares. Los edificios de la iglesia no han sido afectados, pero aún no hay confirmación de la seguridad de todos los miembros de la iglesia Cuadrangular en el área. Mientras tanto, Foursquare Disaster Relief, pastores e iglesias locales están trabajando activamente para ayudar a los necesitados. Dos socorristas Cuadrangulares han sido enviados desde El Salvador a Guatemala, informa el director de respuesta internacional de FDR, Chad Isenhart. Con FDR, los socorristas están trabajando con los líderes Cuadrangulares locales en la región afectada para evaluar las necesidades, planificar y coordinar esfuerzos para ayudar. La distribución de ropa, alimentos y suministros donados ya está en marcha. FDR también ha enviado recursos inmediatos a la Iglesia Cuadrangular Guatemalteca para ayudar con la respuesta de la iglesia local. Pero el impacto específico que esta crisis ha tenido en las familias del área aún no se ha determinado. "Tenemos la oportunidad de apoyar y alentar a nuestra familia Cuadrangular", dice Chad, "mientras ellos trabajan para ayudar a los que sufren y se les unen con apoyo, oración y aliento". Ore por aquellos que están experimentando trauma y pérdida a raíz de este desastre. Ore por los líderes locales y nacionales de la Iglesia Cuadrangular mientras trabajan juntos para responder y ayudar a los necesitados. Ore por la seguridad del equipo de respuesta, y para que los recursos lleguen y sean entregados de manera segura. Done ahora al trabajo de socorro de "FDR Guatemala Volcano", y participe financieramente. Como familia Cuadrangular, tenemos la oportunidad de ayudar y apoyar a nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Guatemala. Su donación deducible de impuestos ayuda a FDR a obtener los recursos necesarios y permite un esfuerzo continuo para ayudar a los afectados por este volcán. ¡Gracias por sus oraciones y generosidad! Done Ahora


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